Reggae, Latin, jazz, soul, Afro beat and hip hop: the eclectic sound of multi-talented musician and singer/songwriter Carvalho evokes them all with his captivating melodies.
He started performing as a teenager, composing poems and tunes which later became reflective songs about love, society, passion and pride. His musical influences are equally diverse – think Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder and Meshell Ndegeocello to name just a few.
Carvalho says: “For me, music is all about self-expression, tapping into the inner senses and reshaping them in a way that engages the listener.”
At present he putting his final touches to his album All the things you know to be true. Expect uplifting soulful and funky vibes like Marley said when the music hits you, feel no pain. Alongside a bed of textured choir like harmonies which will warm the coldest heart.
He has previously collaborated with Nutty Nys on his remix of his Loving you and was released on his vintage love album which sold 10,000 copies in South Africa. Also Miza on a track called Sound of life for his Moon Dancing Album. Project with DFelic presents decadent creatures Your Mama Told you to listen is now released via all digital networks. The soulful house track Sweet Ebony released via Brazil’s Grooveland label is now on ITunes. Other releases to follow with Soulful/jazz house producer Paris Cessvete and DJ Mtshepang.

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