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Kermit’s second album is released on April 7th on BandCamp and Itaca Records. The track titled “Magnitizdat” was chosen as video single to advance album release in mid March.


This second album is titled Litoral as a tribute to an poetry magazine born in 1926 in Málaga, which became one of the most relevant independent magazines in the history of Spanish literature, since it was the main publication means for the whole literary and artistic movement known as the 1927 Generation.
The magazine has gone through different stages since then, but —after almost a century— it is still active nowadays. Its current director and graphic designer, Lorenzo Saval, has designed the artwork of this album, thus completing the circle. This is a true honour, hugely prestigious for both the band and the album itself.
You will have the opportunity to check that we are dealing with a conceptual album that works as an additional issue of this poetry magazine known as Litoral, yet a sonorous one that leads the listener through 45-min non-stop music landscapes and narratives.
The title is also conceptually related to the fact of Kermit having reached our coastline after the long trip involved by our also-very-literary debut album, titled Autoficción. We feel we have reached the promised land, in the sense that we have strengthen Kermit’s own style and sound after our trip-like and explorative debut album, clearly illustrated by its cover.






Here you can find some other interesting links and info:
Song title meanings:
1926: This is the year Litoral magazine was founded in.
Samhain: A Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year.
Circumpolares: Stars that, as viewed from a given latitude on Earth, never set (that is, never disappear below the horizon), due to their proximity to one of the celestial poles.
We-tripantu: Mapuche (Chilean aboriginal tribe) New Year fest, which takes place on the Northern solstice which in the Southern Hemisphere is the Winter solstice. Everything starts to bloom again (the song is indeed introduced by a Mapuche canticle).
Ingeborg: The title was originally taken from female character in a book by Chilean/Mexican writer Roberto Bolaño, and symbolizes the influence of a woman.
Magnitizdat: the process of re-copying and self-distributing live audio tape recordings in the Soviet Union that were not available commercially. It is similar to bootleg recordings, except it is usually sanctioned by the performers (who do not expect to make money from these recordings) for the purpose of circumventing political censorship and making their work as well known as possible.
1927: Final year of the first stage in Litoral’s life, which comprised its first 9 issues.

Amazing sound from Kermit 🙂


Their music can be found on Bandcamp (see above) and also on Facebook